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finishing touch masonry

While no job is too small, FTM and its employees have worked on some of the largest and most recognizable new and historic commercial and residential projects in the Northwest.  These projects include high-rise buildings, major stadiums, military, public works, Sound Transit, medical facilities, churches, restaurants, theaters, and numerous schools.  Large or small, all our projects receive the same attention to detail.



finishing touch masonry

Our FTM team prides itself in contributing job knowledge, problem solving, teamwork, and top quality craftsmanship in all aspects of the masonry trade, while working with project teams, building owners, homeowners, and stewards of any and all masonry structures we are entrusted with.







finishing touch masonry

Masonry construction, masonry restoration, along with other aspects of envelope sealing, maintenance and repair, cover a large gamut of substrates with unique characteristics.  FTM is prepared to help, whether the substrate is brick, stone, cmu, pavers, concrete, stucco, or EIFS.


We are getting water in our building.  It appears like it is coming through the walls and around our windows.  Can you help us stop it?

  • If the mortar is intact, then installing a clear sealer to your masonry walls will prevent moisture from penetrating through them.  Around windows, doors, and other wall penetrations, failing flashings, and/or caulking is usually to blame for water intrusion.  FTM has professional waterproofers and caulkers ready to diagnose and stop your water leaks.

Do you do tuckpointing (replacement of failed and degraded mortar)?

  • Yes, FTM craftsmen excel at providing tuckpointing services on both large and small scope scales.

What is this white stuff on my brick/masonry?  Can you get it off?

  • Yes, FTM is an industry leader in cleaning all types of masonry.  Efflorescence, lime run, and white scum are the most common culprits with “white” staining on masonry.  Biological and environmental soiling typically accompany the white staining on older, or even new masonry, that is subject to our common Northwest wind driven rain.  A professional cleaning, and, when appropriate, installation of a clear penetrating masonry sealer will make a dramatic difference in the overall appearance of most all masonry.  FTM employs skilled PCC’s (pointer, caulker, cleaners) who are experienced in all aspects of cleaning and sealing masonry

Can you remove graffiti safely from my masonry without damaging it?

  • FTM has several techniques and graffiti removal products in our tool kit for removing graffiti from brick, cmu, stone, and concrete masonry.  Some graffiti attacks on sensitive porous masonry substrates do cause damage unfortunately, but usually the damage occurs when well-intended maintenance workers attempt to remove the graffiti with high pressure water or chemicals that are inappropriate.  We can fix the damage if need be, but it is best to have a trained masonry professional from FTM assess the damage and remove the graffiti.  We can also install graffiti protection products that in most cases make future graffiti removal a snap.

Client Testimonials

"I’m glad we chose to use Finishing Touch Masonry..."

“Your crew worked their tails off on our project.  They were very professional and well organized.  Quality firm all the way around.  I’m glad we chose to use Finishing Touch Masonry.”

James, Seattle

"They do not leak anymore! What a difference..."

“I had no idea how much professionally installed caulking joints could add to the appearance of my windows and doors and most important, they do not leak anymore!  What a difference.  Thanks.”

Ted, Ballard

"I highly recommend them for any masonry needs..."

I hired FTM to help me with my old brick house.  I always thought the brick on my house looked old and dirty.  When they were done, it was beautiful.  They also were able to find replacement brick that matched for my missing pieces.  I highly recommend them for any masonry needs.

Hazel, Everett

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